World Beer Challenge  -  X International Brewery Awards 2020
Estoril - Portugal 25. 26. 27. July  
 Top Brewmaster of the Year
Position  Name Company  Points Country
Markus Becke ( Brewmaster of the Year 2020 ) Die Internationale Brau-Manufacturen GmbH 980 Germany
Ingrid Vico / Alejo Girón / Santiago Vitón Mahou 750 Spain
Antonio Fumanal Grupo Agora 570 Spain
Albert Viaplana Mahou San Miguel 560 Spain
Gregor Engler Brasserie Cap D'Ona 530 France
Roland Vanderlimden Brewery & Distillery Wilderen 380 Belgium
Luís Alvar Hijos de Rivera S.A.U 300 Spain
Stin David Brouwerij De Poes 270 Belgium
Maik Grün Westerwald-Brauerei H. Schneider GmbH & Co. KG  190 Germany
Centre for Coordination and evaluation of data Group Menu Magazine 89/2020
1) 355 Beers registered - 81 Beers scored for the final - 56  medals
2) The percentage rate of awarded Beers in the competition was 15,77 %
3) This 10 year old competion has been advised by prestigious brewmasters and very strict parameters which makes this the most credible event at the international level
5) The first international competition to be supervised by the Wine and Spirits World Observatory  - WSWO    1.35EU/2016
Wine competition registered with the number  INPI - 518318/2013
   20  Gold  Medals           
   31  Silver Medals 
     5  Bronze Medals