The 9th edition of the World Beer Challenge - International Brewery Awards was held in Estoril, Portugal. It was the largest participation ever with more than 700 brands, with a strong participation from Brazil, the country that had the largest growth of breweries worldwide with a rate of over 750% in the last 10 years.

We alert all brewers participating in the competition outside the European Union by sending the samples 60 days in advance and in small volumes (maximum 5 kg), otherwise they will take a longer treatment and may even be retained at customs.

Never ship the goods without a pro forma invoice at the cost of 1€/1US$ per unit of beer, write outside the box “sample without commercial value. Intended for technical testing. World Beer Challenge”.

We have been analyzing a strong initiative in the production of craft beers already with a high quality standard, despite still being a product with poor adhesion in the commercial area.

21 countries were represented, only 7 passed the final, with a strong participation of high quality beers. The panel of tasters was composed by Master Brewers from North America and Europe (Portugal was not part of this panel).

Our customer services have a 24-hour service available to all participants by e-mail, and telephone +351 211 972 375 from 14:00h to 00:00h GMT.

Starting in 2020, participants will have available the logo for promotion of the medal brand with the purchase of royalties.

We are waiting for you in 2020. Congratulations to all the winners.

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